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March 2012

Dinosaurs and Graffiti Hearts
March 1, 2012

As you know by my many emails, January was not a good month for Moonbugs. Sickness plagued our home making it difficult to host MB classes. I think I hosted one class.

THEN, February rolled around. Yay for that! Still a lot of recovery taking place. I have been a bit scattered this month. Small sicknesses taking over my 15 month old and a few mishaps with the rest of my little fam. But that's us....I am hoping that YOU have been able to bear with me. I think I see the light.

So, lets see what February had to offer and hope that March is even better. But hey, these February projects were pretty great.


The kids made dinosaur drawings and paintings. They practiced then finalized.


Oil pastel and paint. Pretty purple dinosaur. Oh, and the camera really captures the essence of the dust underneath my radio cabinet. Yike!


A lovely group of 3-5 year old artists. They all had so much fun. Sweet kids, lots of color!



For Valentines Day, this group of 3-5 year olds made heart art on wood blocks. First step, oil pastels on wood.


This little boy always uses such vibrant colors. I love it! He is painting gesso over the oil pastels.


In the end the kids ended up etching their wood blocks with clay tools. Many of them learned how to draw a heart for the first time. It was a busy, busy class.


During a Saturday session, the kids made Valentines Day inspired graffiti art. Very similar to the wood blocks, the kids used oil pastels on canvas then covered them using black paint.


Using wooden skewers, the kids etched words and designs onto their canvas. Anything to do with love. What they love, what love means, designs they equate to love all went onto their canvas.


More etching and oil pastels. Free flowing.


Graffiti Heart Art!


Beautiful! I find this inspiring and ahead of her time. Her being a six year old. What do you think?

February was good and quick. I hope you enjoyed looking at these projects. Lovely.

Please stay tuned for March classes and Spring Break! Don't forget to register if you are planning on Moonbuggin this coming break.

Until next time....