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April 2012

Spring Time
April 10, 2012

Wow, oh wow, oh wow! I have a lot of photo's to present. March was full of art classes and kids and new kids and Living Social vouchers. I am thankful for the busy and the happy child hearts!


Before I got so, so busy I was just a little bit busy. This great plexi glass project made me glad!


This perfect plexi glass project included paint pens, acrylic paints, and plexi glass of course!


Inspired by artist Tim Garwood, each child made a lovely 11x14 art piece. This is one of my top five favorite Moonbug projects ever! Gorgeous!


Another great project the kids worked on was this funky little cupcake canvas. They looked at the work of artist Wayne Thiebaud then went to town with color, cake, and cuteness! You may remember this project from last year.


Cupcakes were also enjoyed after paint and things. Sprinkles and chocolate goodness.


After plexi glass fun and cupcake indulgence, Spring Break came about. The kids had a great time making Gustav Klimt inspired mixed media mountains (above) and smash can art.



Each child used an assortment of papers, paint, yarn, and buttons to build their mountains.


During their Spring Break snack break, the kids made some delicious snacks. This was a favorite. Strawberry and angel food cake skewers.


The kids also made recycled can art. Smashed cans, paint, and marker to make these fun mini works. Stay tuned - the next blog I write there will be a photo of these lil gems matted and framed. They are waiting to be photographed and given back to their artistic owners. (It has been busy around here - did I mention that?)


As Easter approached, it was time for an egg project. I got the idea for this project here. Doodle eggs!


Each child doodled on three wooden eggs using magic marker. And doodle they did. Floral designs were a big hit.


A few mountain scenes. So pretty. So sweet! And Happy Easter!

March was a definite success. Much art and many kind kids. I am looking forward to more Spring and sunny day projects.

Peace, peace to you.



PS. My little Ivy joined Moonbugs for a wee bit. Her first sit in. XO