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Cupcakes, Pets, General Kids Stuff
Cupcakes, Pets, General Kids Stuff
May 9, 2011

So it has been awhile. I am dusting off the ol Moonblog shelf and sending out a much needed entry. Baby girl, family outings, home renovation, weed pulling, and the need to sigh have all taken up some time. I am sure you understand. Smile.

Moonbugs has been a lot of fun during the past month and a half. Cupcakes, characters, pets, and bunnies have made their way into our little classes. Take a look at the process of invention.

This big group of girls had a lovely time looking at artist Wayne Theibaud's work. His many desserts where their inspiration.


First they painted individual squares using pastel acrylics.


Then they used pencil to draw cupcakes on the squares.


During their creative break the kids made (you guessed it!) cupcakes.



Voila! Nine cupcakes later. One of my favorite Moonbugs classes of all time!


The three and four year old children also made Theibaud inspired artwork. One giant cupcake a piece.


What a great series. Three and four year old kids. Amazing!


This project was inspired by artist Rex Ray. Using scissors, paper, fabric, canvas, magazine clippings, and paint the kids created a fantastic mixed media piece. Color, shape, line.


India Ink, watercolor, and black sharpie all made an appearance in this funky project. The kids made a series of three 5X6 characters on watercolor paper.


Pretty colors and great shapes!


Toward the end of April I hosted a two week draw-and-paint-your-pet-all-pop-art-like class. I emphasized large pet shapes and minimal objects.


During their creative break the kids made dog biscuits. They shaped them how they wanted and we baked them for 55 minutes. My dog Benni loved hers!


Grandma and Grandpa's dog.


Dogs. Cats. Pets.


Tis the season for eggs and bunnies. Here the kids used paint, texturizing objects, and canvas paper on wood to create egg and bunny splats. Children ages three and four made the egg project and children ages 5-8 made the bunny project. Variety, variety!

Stay tuned for the next Moonblog coming sometime in June or July. Mothers Day projects and Spring time projects will be involved and maybe a few of the Summer Camp classes.

Enjoy these breezy days.







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