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Hello Twenty Twelve.
Hello Twenty Twelve.
January 1, 2012

Happy Holidays! Happy New Years! And cheers, cheers, cheers. I hope December was a treasure to you. For your heart and your mind. Personally, I have never been so busy, and I mean that. Never. 'Twas great and trying and rewarding! Thanks to lovely Moongems, a record month was born.

In a matter of weeks the kids created more than I thought possible.


Many gifts were made one December Saturday. Porecelain pen and ceramics.


Children ages 5-8 created lovely designs on these vintage teacups. Sip, sip.


Yarn bowls were made. Water, sugar, and a whole lot of yarn.


Modern and Funky.


I let the children choose their color scheme. Black and white was most popular. I was a bit suprised. So nice, right? Fun gift.

The kids also made a great calendar. My camera battery ran out by the time those projects came to life.

After Gift Saturday came Electric Tree Thursday. Christmas + Andy Warhol.


Giant Christmas Trees. Colorful paint. Holiday decor. Art. Girl time.


Chair easels. The art room is not too huge. Thankfully these girls had fun painting this way.


Twenty One Electric Trees. Seven Silly Girls.


During winter break Moonbugs held three day camps. We started with a vroom and a beep, beep.


Wood construction and paint.


Random junk drawer junk.


The kids assembled their own tires using wooden wheels and a wooden axel.


Using liquid nails, I helped each child apply their found objects. Screws and washers.


Trucks were also an option. I think a great keepsake as well as something to play with. What a happy smile!


The next day the kids used spackle to create a whimsical canvas of texture....


....then color.


Colors were all choosen by each little artist. Brother and sister really made for a nice series.


The last day of winter break camps the kids celebrated New Years. They made these signs and hung them up all over the art room.


They also made memory strands for 2011. Each child thought about four of their favorite memories from 2011. They then used pencil, paint, yarn, on canvas to illustrate them.


Each memory was attached to a piece of fun fabric then glued to yarn. These are a group of them hanging about the window.


After all the creating came to an end, the kids toasted various things. To friends, to pets, and to the New Year. Sparkly drinks and M&M cookies were served. How sweet!

I was so impressed with each Moonbugs group these past couple of weeks. Big classes with helpful and creative kids. Good listeners, thinkers, and learners.

Stay tuned for some great classes to come! Thanks for making Moonbugs such a hit last month.

And a Happy 2012 to you!














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