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Papa's + Summa Time!
Papa's + Summa Time!
July 2, 2012

It has been way too long.  And I don't have all the photographs uploaded that you MUST see. I am talking to you, you sweet mama's. The next blog post will include your sweet Mother's Day Owl's and necklace's. I loved them! I hope you did too.

And, wow - whew! Since March I have been workin away. These Living Social vouchers have brought about boomin business. I have met a lot of new parents and experienced a few new things. And, wow, lots of new kids! Did I say wow? WOW!

The new faces have been great. New friendships are being made, and that is always fun to see. I have had a few wilder than normal classes. To be honest, it made me wonder "Am I doing this right?" but then you said, you sweet mother's, that you were interested in your child having a good time. Its about the process, not the product - right? Or is it? So, I would like to know - what do you want your child to get out of Moonbugs?

Some kids seem to be super natural at going with the flow, creating for hours and wanting more art. Other children want to be done five minutes into project. These kids usually think the cats and the snack are the best part of Moonbugs. Sometimes a mixed group happens, and when it does the majority wins.

My goal is to teach an appreication for being creative. That's it. I am not an amazing drawing teacher, I couldn't recite essays on Art History and I don't have a kiln. I do have many materials to create beautiful pieces by your enthused child. Or quick, quirky peices by your energetic boy or girl. Or experimental peices by your science minded kid. And I hope that is okay.

I really enjoy providing art experiences to children and I have so many ideas. My little lady Ivy keeps me busy, and I do plan to have another babe sometime next Summer/Fall (if thee God allows). I know my heart and mind are often split. But I try my best with both jobs. Just know that my Moonbugs heart is big - plans are being made in my head - and time is of great importance. I want to be growing this for a long, long time.


                                                                    Ivy - my girl

If you could, I would love feedback. Good, bad or inbetween. Ideas, opinions, encouragment. Whatever it is you feel you have to offer.

Aside of all of that, here are some cool photo's from this past Spring to Summer. I have joined the ol' Instagram (@lanenroe) and have gone Insta crazy with Moonbugs pictures. So, a mix below...

While making Father's Day projects, the ladies needed a popsicle break. Store bought. But we are going to change that this summer. Homemade, here we come! Anywho, you can't actually see the popsicles, but they are eating them.


I held three Father's Day classes because of the high demand. Overflowing classes. Those lucky poppies. Those blessed poppies! 

Each child made a set of four rustic coasters.  Partical board, watered down paint, pen, and polyurethane went into the creation of these little gifts. Although, there was the option to frame them. I loved the idea of grouping their artwork and then showcasing. What did you do?


Before summer camps started, I hosted a class called Castle Life. Using oil pastels and watercolor, the kids made castle paintings and characters. Royally fun! They also enjoyed crumpets and tea for snack. And a bit of silly time.


A sweet, small group. Eight children were suppose to have attended. Waah happend? Sometimes small is nice.


And finally, the first camp of the summer was a success! Bird house facades and clay birds. Folk art was the inspiration. Oh, and these!


So far, the Summer has been a good-busy-chaotic-fastpaced-sweet time. Many more camps are available to register for. Nyland's Land is filling up fast. Look it up, let me know.

Let the color and mess continue! And enjoy some corn on the cob, outdoor movies, baseball games, swim days, and cuddle time with your truly awesome child <3


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