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Pretty Hearts, Whimsy Trees.
Pretty Hearts, Whimsy Trees.
February 20, 2011

This month has been colorful, bright, and full of love! The kids created hearts galore and a fantasy-like tree - one they would like to climb in their imagination. They looked at the work of artists Jim Dine, Gustav Klimt, and Romare Bearden. Lets take a look at February...


Paint, paint, paint, paint. Hearts 1, 2, 3, 4.


During their creative break they made personal mini pizzas.


It tasted so yummy!


Their hearts turned out pretty and free. Lots of color and expression.


This month the kids also worked on sculpture hearts. They used wire, fabric, paint, clay, and oil pastels. This sweet girl is connecting her wire heart to the wood piece.


Paint and fabric on wood. Next, attaching the clay heart.


A series of hearts on wood. I love the oil pastel and and paint on wood. So pretty.


This looks nice grouped together.


The three and four year olds worked on a mixed media heart project. They used oil pastels and paint. A very similar process to what the children did with the oil pastel and paint on wood.   


Orange Heart. Paint, oil pastel, and pen on paper.

Okay...enough about hearts. Lets talk trees. Not just any kind of tree, but a Klimt inspired tree.


I like this project. I like it very much. Black paint, oil pastel swirl tree, gold paint.


They then used metallic markers to draw flowers, shapes, and swirls.


During their creative break, the kids made chocolate chip cookies. I let them roll their own. Art all its own.


After indulging in delicious cookies, the kids finished their art work using brown and black oil pastels. Voila!   


One of my favorite projects!

Stay tuned for special Spring Break classes. Recycled Art!

An orange colored day to you.















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