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Spring Break! Oh yeah.
Spring Break! Oh yeah.
March 26, 2011

Spring Break - it was great! Oh so busy with paint and fabric and gems and gesso. New friends and old came together and danced, fondued, joked, and created fabulous works of art. Group dynamics could not have been better or children more sweet. It was thee perfect week!


The first two days of Moonbugs Spring Break each child made a muslin doll. The process began with painting gesso onto muslin.


The second step, painting color onto their muslin fabric. Pretty girls painting pretty colors.


During their creative break the kids made chocolate fondue to eat with strawberries. Pour the chips, lady!


Stirring the yummy, warm fondue.


And finally eating this messy but delicious snack.


The second day of muslin doll making it was time to cut and sew the fabric pieces that would make the dolls body and head. The kids helped one another. They bonded.


And they danced.


And they finished their dolls. Leather arms and legs, burlap hair, and sharpie drawn facial features. Adorable!


Mid-Spring Break, the kids re-purposed bottle caps by creating a funky art piece on canvas. Gesso and glue first!


Then they painted the entire canvas -bottle caps adhered - black. Next they...


...added a ton of color.


During a break, the children enjoyed peanut butter - maple syrup fondue with apples. So, so good!


Such a great project! This one was done by a four year old sweetheart. Whimsically eclectic!


On the last day of Spring Break the kids graffiti-ed old wall art. They first painted gesso onto the wall hanging and then...


 ...went to town with colorful markers and pen. They wrote jokes, added fun drawings and designs, and expressed themselves using slang and symbols.


During their creative break the kids made brownies and then used icing to graffiti them. Super fun!


Graffiti class was a great way for the kids to be themselves through their own words and made up symbols. I was so inspired by their creativity that I am going to gesso a table in the art room for kids to write and draw on. I may go further and gesso a radio cabinet as well. Let them personalize their creative space!

Now that spring has sprung, look forward to special art classes for May Day and Mothers Day. Also, Moonbugs camp descriptions are posted on the June Calendar. I cannot wait for summer! The camps are going to be wonderfully eclectic. Expect the use of hammers, a special guest yoga instructor, and home building blue prints during the month of June.

Have a hot pink kinda day!

































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