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Summer Fun
Summer Fun
August 23, 2011

Yes, yes, yes. It has been a very long while since a Moonblog has been posted.

Holy End-of-August, Batman! 

This summer has been oh so lovely. Some of thee greatest projects ever made in MB history. Take a look for yourself...


We started of the summer as architects. Putting together blueprints and building clay houses. Water and clay and tools.


Blueprints using pencil and watercolor. Imaginative!


This class full of girls, four to be exact, designed their dream house. And dream they did! Think bright and vibrant.


During their creative break, the ladies made guacamole, popsicles, and quesidillas.


Their houses turned out beautiful. A top five favorite MB project!


Another great project the kids worked on - GIANT wooden fish. Perfect to hang on any outdoor door or art gallery wall.   


They practiced designs and arrangements. Mixed mediums galore.


Glitter, nails, fabric, paint and more and more and more. Wonderful!


This summer the kids got to have fun painting a whole lot. Especially when looking at artist Beck Wheelers whimsical paintings. After being inspired, these girls went to town painting backgrounds for their dream-like creatures.


The girls made brownies during their creative break. Down time.


Fantastic, or what?


This is another Beck inspired project. Paint, pen, and artistic design makes for a lovely wall hanging. A series of three. In this photo all of the art projects are grouped together. 


This summer the kids also made Little Boo Blue inspired graffiti shoes. They took a pair of black tennies, gesso, acrylic paint and fabric markers to customize their kicks. Pretty cool, eh?


What is a Moonbugs summer camp without a bit of yoga? After a week of making Virginia Fleck inspired mandalas, these kids debriefed with some relaxing yoga.


Mixed Media Mandala using assorted papers, paint, pen, marker, cardboard, and poster board.


The last camp of the summer the kids made paper mache dolls inspired by Tim Burton. They also used clay, wire, buttons, fabric and ribbon to embellish their dolls. Very unique!

What a terrific summer! I would not change anything about it. And the creative momentum has not stopped. This Fall is going to be just as amazing! Quality projects for quality kids, coming up!

Let the school year begin...

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